The management consultancy Juergen Mertens had provided their services to small and midsize industrial companies in the fields of

  • mechanical engineering and plant engineering
  • apparatus engineering
  • electrical and electronics

We offered senior management competent and expert support during change processes, business expansions and realignment.


Our service spectrum was:

  • Consulting, project management and interim management in operational and strategic areas
  • Organizational and process optimization with proven methods of continuous improvement
  • Securing long-term business success by focusing and aligning all employees on corporate goals
  • Staff development and training

All activities are aligned to customer requirements and focused on measureable and agreed upon results.


Sustainable success for clients and complete customer satisfaction was our top priority.

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success. (Henry Ford)


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Those who remain on the coast, can not discover new oceans.

Thor Heyerdahl